In Italy we have more than 60 indigenous breeds, some of them widespread and someothers existing in just a few dozens. Farming indigenous breeds allows not only to preseve them but it also contributes mantaining the biodiversity of our mountains. In fact there are plants, bugs and microorganism woose perfect habitat is only where sheeps graze.
Of all those breeds a few are merinizzate, that means they have the original genetics from which merinos have been selected over the years.


Mildred is the face of our flocks, her family line is composed of generations of Sopravvissana sheeps. She and her sisters born, grow and graze on the green mountains of Appennino Abruzzese, surrounded by the uncontaminated nature of our National Parks.

Sopravvissana is an indigenous sheep breed from central regions of Italy and it is also one of the merinizzata breeds we talked about earlyer. She is historically bred in center Italy because her thin and agile body makes her perfect to move around the rough slopes of Appennino mountains.

Those beautiful ladies are the ones that produces the wool we sell and work with to obtain our yarns and products.


Mildred’s wool is good because it is gathered and processed being respectful of the sheeps, of the land, of those work it and of everyone who would like to buy and use it.

  • Livestocks who practice grazing and transhumance.
  • Sheared by hand, slowly, each sheep taking her own time. Muesling free, acid free, rope free, cruelty free. We personally suervise the shearing and if anyone is mean to any sheep… We will be very mean to them.
  • Washed in Italy, with water waste purification and no chemical residual.
  • No flock acid baths. This is usually done to eliminate even the smallest vegetal residual from the wool but we don’t do it. Our wool is beaten and then carded or combed, if any microscopic vegetal part remains… That is for the best! You will be able to always bring a teeny tiny part of Abruzzo’s mountains with you.
  • Our yarns are made with slow machines that respect the nature of the fiber and without adding any synthetics.
  • Traceable: from the sheep to the product we know and follow each phase of life of our wool.

Mantera is a dialect word from the Italian region of Abruzzo. It indicates the traditional wool cape shepherds used to wear to protect themselves from the very cold winters of Abruzzo’s mountains.

One of the most ancient, sustainable and efficient ways of breeding animals. Besides taking care of the sheeps it includes managing grazing lands, mountain woods and lagoons.

Join us! Horrible people era is over, the world needs kindness.


Wool is an amazing and versatile material and can be used in many ways: from fashion to home furnishing, from agriculture to construction industry. You just need to find the perfect quality for your needs.