On books Mantera is a dialect word from the Italian region of Abruzzo. It indicates the traditional wool cape shepherds used to wear to protect themselves from the very cold winters of Abruzzo’s mountains.

For us LAMANTERA is a company that promotes the use of Italian wool in a virtuous production system, which respect and valorize each of its components. Our wool talks about sheeps and farms, historical woolen mill and Italian craftmanship, Appennino mountains and their natural resources. This is the sory we want to tell and the people that will help us along the way have in common the most important quality of all: they are nice people. You can join us too! Horrible people era is over, the world needs kindness.


Each year in Italy we waste more than 9.000 tons of raw wool, mainly from extensive farms.
The reason why this happens is because starting from the late 70’s the value of Italian raw wool has seen a rapid and drastic decrease due to many socioeconomic changes we don’t want to bore you with… Unless you are interested. In this case write us all your questions, we will be happy to tell you everything!

This situation represents a ridiculous waste of resources, because this wool could be appropriately employed if managed the right way. It is also a huge problem in terms of sustainability and economic resources. Infact raw wool is considered a dangerous waste from the EU and is very expensive for the farmers to dispose of. What is the current way to dispose of it you ask? It gets burned in incineretors producing a good amout of CO2.


Once a year we gather and select Italian merinos wool from livestocks who practice organic farming, grazing, transhumance and are selected on the basis of breeding techniques, animal well-being and land preservation.

We know all our breeders and sheeps, and we personally follow the shearing process.

Our production process is entirely based in Italy, with slow and sustainable manufacturing, beside us companies and artisans who brings high the name of Made in Italy since generations.

Our products talk about pastoralism, wool traditional craftmanship and love for our mountains, that’s why we only use natural fibers 100% recyclable.

Our sheeps born, grow and graze on the green mountains of Appennino Abruzzese, surrounded by the uncontaminated nature of our National Parks.

One of the most ancient, sustainable and efficient ways of breeding animals. Besides taking care of the sheeps it includes managing grazing lands, mountain woods and lagoons.

Join us! Horrible people era is over, the world needs kindness.


Wool is an amazing and versatile material and can be used in many ways: from fashion to home furnishing, from agriculture to construction industry. You just need to find the perfect quality for your needs. (pulsante)