What is it to us the meaning of “nice people”?It means being respectful of other people work and skills.
It means saying hello, goodbye, thank you and you are welcome. Always.
It means aknowledging that we are not the center of the world ( even if we would like to think so ) and remembering that we are not more important of any stone or tree or grain of sand.
It means trying our best to be the least horrible people possible… We are nice, not perfect.

I don’t want to be a part of a world
where being kind is a weakness.

– K. Reeves


Tuscany and Friuli in her blood, she grew up in Veneto and studied in Milan.She worked as disigner and project manager for the fashion industry but since 2016 started researching on sustainable production systems. So after 10 years in the business she decides to live a definitely not very nice enviroment and move in the middle of Abruzzo’s mountains to found LAMANTERA.

Nowadays she travels along Italy looking for nice breeders and companies with whom cooperate to rebuild Italian wool production system. In her free time she goes grazing with the sheeps and talks to feral cats.


For more than thirty years Nunzio Marcelli and Manuela Cozzi have been breeding their sheeps the organic way, combining the vlues of tradition, quality and origin.

Their sheeps graze every day on the green mountains of Abruzzo National Park and once a year for the transhumance they move to high altitute grazing lands, to spend there four months away from the summer heat.

Their great work of defending biodiversity and responsable breeding on Abruzzo mountains is today carried on also by their children Viola and Jacopo.

They obviously are the nicest people and along the years they have helped to born ad prosper many companies with sustainable dna.
We are one of them.


Some companies are true institutions but they don’t forget the traditions everything come from: Pettinatura di Verrone is one of them.

The company is located in Biella and provides wool clensing and combing services since 1960. In 1989 becomes part of Shneider international group.
Specialized in working with extra fine selected wool, they still mantain a small part of the business dedicated to local wool.


When we first met Ramon and his father Josè we thought we were having a business meeting, instead after less than one hour we felt like we were part of the family.

LP hosiery factory exists since 1972 and it is a company founded on experience and care.
They were so happy to share with us their knowledge of production processes and raw materials and they were willing to work with our wool even though it requires patience and slowness.
We were totally ravished by their kindness and we instantly knew we were among nice people.

Mantera is a dialect word from the Italian region of Abruzzo. It indicates the traditional wool cape shepherds used to wear to protect themselves from the very cold winters of Abruzzo’s mountains.

Our sheeps born, grow and graze on the green mountains of Appennino Abruzzese, surrounded by the uncontaminated nature of our National Parks.

One of the most ancient, sustainable and efficient ways of breeding animals. Besides taking care of the sheeps it includes managing grazing lands, mountain woods and lagoons.


Wool is an amazing and versatile material and can be used in many ways: from fashion to home furnishing, from agriculture to construction industry. You just need to find the perfect quality for your needs.